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I was able to get the McGann Library running this evening. The site's a year out of date but still has lots of goodies. I'll be reloading stuff and getting the place back in order.


Fic: Tea Time

Thought you all might enjoy this as it was, in fact, you lot that inspired me to do it.

Tea Time

x-posted a bit so sorry for doubles, loves.

"No-man's Land"

Hey everyone! Well, I'm back with a follow-up Fairy Tale fic to "Errand-boy", which I posted here and in the library earlier this week. I highly recommend that you read that fic before reading this one.

I was inspired by conversation about Arthur's lack of apparent military service to take the oppurtunity to write about another situation: that soon after the end of Fairy Tale, he is in fact called to serve in France. And here it is! Comments are more addictive than chocolate (and for me, that's saying something!).

Dedicated to

iansmomesq/Desdemona, who in a few short hours taught me a new way to think about writing. Thank you so much!


Hope you enjoy!


Hey everyone! I bring teh fic!

A little bit of explanation is in order, I think: I just saw Fairy Tale, and it was SO sweet. SO amazingly heart-warming - I loved it! And I loved Paul in it, of course. But the one thing I couldn't help wondering was - why the hell wasn't Arthur (Paul's character for anyone who hasn't seen it - it was surprisingly hard for me to get hold of it) a soldier in the war? I mean, a) the story takes place during WWI, b) the UK was taking a hell of a beating in France - even Houdini, who was in the movie, was drafted! Paul's character looks to be in his thirties, with no obvious physical ailments, and doesn't seem to do much for a job besides errands and projects for the baron or lord on whose land he is a tenant or renter or something like that. He does have a wife and family to look after, but I bet you many if not most soldiers had those as well.

This seemed to be to be something that could be explored, and so I banged this flashfic out! ....in about 20 minutes, without proofreading or having it beta-ed, so apologies if there are tons of mistakes! Short, but I hope you enjoy it! Comments/constructive criticisms are crack. ^___^ 

Rating: about PG to PG13.

This is also posted in the General Literature thread at the Library, by the way...

I previously whinged about the McGann Library being down (oh, woe is me).  However, my son Patrick very kindly resurrected the database for me, and then he and I figured out what was preventing some people from logging in at the site.   So, if any of you are registered at the biblioteca, you should be able to log in if you wish.

OK, I have three pics of Paul from the 1980s that Liverpool photographer Mark McNulty sent me recently (actually these are my photos of the large matte prints he mailed me).

First off, I'd written Mark to see if I could purchase a print of this pic that Michelle Harris has up at the McGann Brothers website (http://www.mcgannbrothers.org.uk/):

I also wanted to buy a copy of Mark's book Rocketships & Windmills with photos of miniature golf courses around the UK (http://www.mcnulty.co.uk/rockets/book.html).  He sent me an invoice, and I paypal'd him some moola. Later he said he couldn't find the original of the photo I wanted but would send me a few others instead.   And here they are:

Happy New Year!



Better late than never – the 2005 BBC adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic Kidnapped will be screening in Australia on Sunday 14 Jan, at 7.30 pm on the ABC. The three part series stars lovely Paul McGann as the villainous Colonel MacNab.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, McGann describes how he tends to play “men with mixed motives, or … a dubious morality”. Click here for a scan of the article.

Change! It's a good thing...

With many thanks to the incredible talents of zed_pm, I changed the layout!!!! 

Enjoy the COOL new banner and graphics!!!

PLEASE comment below and send her some serious love and tell her how much you love it.  LOVE LOVE. 

I've been *McGanned*


Well, ladies?  How was the weekend with Paul, those of you who saw him?  Cat?  Estelle?  Sigh... I hope it was dreamy!

Couldn't Miss This Day, Now Could I?

Happy Birthday, Paul!!!! !!!! I hope it was as lovely as the weekend! Thank you SO much!

Lots of Love,
Catherine xxxx xxxx


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